About cellar

Cellar Cool Cubby is a place that combines the idea of a healthy lifestyle and innovative design. It is a ready solution that will allow you to store food, preserves and wines in a natural way.


The cellars are made of polyester glass laminate in twin technology for the construction of boat hulls. It is therefore resistant to moisture and aging, long-lasting, dimensionally stable over time and long-lasting aesthetic.


The basement is a self-supporting spherical structure, the radius of curvature is 1.3 m. The structure is integrated, it contains stiffened sheathing, ventilation ducts, entrance door, drainage well.


All internal surfaces of the basement have a food contact certificate. Wooden stairs, made of plywood, leading to its interior are covered with a non-slip coating.


The basement is absolutely leakproof thanks to its absolute tightness.


The interior of the basement has been designed in such a way as to create 28mb of additional storage space, it is clean, spotless and easy to clean.


The basement designers took care of every detail. The organic shape of the shelves allows full use of the available storage space. In addition, seating areas have been created, which allows the use of the basement as a place to relax and taste. The large space provides comfort while inside.


Wzniesienie na piwniczce może stać się doskonałym tłem do kompozycji roślinnej, układu skalnego lub przestrzeni zabaw dla dzieci. Podczas zakupu masz możliwość wyboru koloru drzwi wejściowych tak, aby piwniczka idealnie wpasowała się w styl Twojego ogrodu.


Thanks to the insulation created by the layer of soil above the basement inside, both in summer and winter, the temperature is right for storing food. The basement can replace a fridge without the need for electricity.


By buying a cellar you can count on our help and commitment. We deal with both transport and assembly. The basement is delivered in one ready element with equipment (shelves, LED lighting, temperature and humidity meter).


Its installation takes place in one day, without devastating the garden, we can even handle high groundwater.


It is possible to dig a basement and change its location.

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